ATTENTION: You ARE being lied to.

The Myth: An ever growing, sinister pressure group known as the ‘Political Correctness Brigade’ are going about trying to get harmless traditions and phrases banned to avoid offending minorities.

The Truth:Political Correctness Gone Mad‘ is a dangerous myth, designed to divide society and anger people into buying newspapers.

They’re NOT trying to ban Christmas. They’re NOT trying to ban England shirts during the World Cup. You ARE allowed to call it a ‘Brain Storm’. You ARE allowed to sing ‘Baa, Baa, Black Sheep’!

‘Political Correctness Gone Mad’ is a term popularised by tabloid newspapers to describe the censorship of a phrase, object or pastime in the name of a minority’s feelings. The term often arises in very fiercely received news stories which imply somebody was so offended by something that calls have been made to ban it.

These stories are nearly always bullshit. A quick Google search can normally disprove them. The unfortunate thing is that even many warm, intelligent people become indoctrinated by the self-perpetuating segregation that these ‘stories’ breed.

In other words, people believe what’s in the paper, because it’s in the paper.

Many, and dare I say MOST people in this country assume that newspapers have a responsibility as a business to provide their readership with truthful, well researched, and most importantly, impartial news. This, of course, is not the case by a long shot. The only responsibility newspapers have is to sell newspapers. The majority will rely on fabricated stories about celebrities, bogus survey results sent to them by PR companies, and a guaranteed crowd pleaser: reasons to be angry. And nothing gets people going quite like an attack on their values or traditions (even if it didn’t actually happen).

On this blog I do not intend to condescend, patronise or belittle anybody who has been open-minded enough to visit. My own parents read the Daily Mail every day, and they are wonderful people. If you have been given faulty information and you spread it, it is not your fault if you don’t know better.

I only hope that through this project, I can help provide a Mythbusting archive for all these ridiculous stories you hear about things being banned or people being offended. They simply aren’t happening, and it is dangerous to allow the Chinese whispers to continue spreading.

I’m not a professional journalist, I’m not a religious apologist and I’m not a communist. I’m just a guy who likes the truth.

– Tom


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