England Shirts ‘Banned’ during World Cup

5 Nov

The Myth: The ‘PC Brigade’ were trying to ban England football shirts and flags during the World Cup, in case foreigners were offended.

The Truth: In a letter from the Metropolitan Police in Croydon (where there had been a history of football riots), pubs were given advice on avoiding trouble. Among World Cup guidance, it suggests ‘dress code restrictions – eg no football shirts’.

That’s no FOOTBALL shirts. Not ENGLAND shirts.

A Met Police spokesman said:

“This letter contains a series of suggestions to make pubs safer for everyone.

“However, licensees are not obliged to follow our advice and there is no policy to stop the wearing of England shirts.”

Despite that, headlines popped up such as:

“Bid to ban England tops in World Cup pubs”
– The Sun

This led to Facebook groups popping up such as “IF IM TAKING MY ENGLAND TSHIRT OFF – YOU TAKE YOUR SHITROLL TURBAN OFF !!.” and a huge influx of people joining “It’s funny how our flag offends you but our benefits don’t!!!”, which accomodates such wonderful comments as:

Melt the black cunts down nd tar the fkin roads with them.
– Gary Moran

To summarise:

“We can confirm that this is not the situation and that this is merely a myth designed to incense and irritate.”
– Cornwall Police


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