Humpty Dumpty is Fine

19 Oct

The Myth: The PC Brigade have made it wrong (ie. Illegal) to sing “All the King’s horses and all the King’s Men couldn’t put Humpty together again.” This is to shelter children from the morbid ending.

The Truth: A BBC kid’s programme changed the lyrics for creative purposes. A small number of organisations (1, Mothercare) followed suit, changing the ending to be more suitable for children.

This is an odd one for people to get angry about. Why would the PC Brigade, a lobby group apparently obsessed with not offending minorities, care about the plight of a fictional egg? So as not to offend eggs?

They wouldn’t care. And they don’t, because they are just as real as Humpty Dumpty himself. Just like the “Baa Baa rainbow sheep” nonsense, no law has ever been passed condemning the original version of the song. If you are adamant that your child’s development will be enhanced by singing about someone being mortally wounded, then go ahead. Nobody is stopping you.


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